# VRP Resources and Data Models - v3.1.9

Resources accessed by VRPs are detailed here:

# Endpoints

The API endpoints for these resources, and their mandatory/conditional/optional status are given below.

Resource Endpoints Mandatory?
domestic-vrp-consents.md POST /domestic-vrp-consents Mandatory
domestic-vrp-consents.md GET /domestic-vrp-consents/{ConsentId} Mandatory
domestic-vrp-consents.md DELETE /domestic-vrp-consents/{ConsentId} Mandatory
domestic-vrp-consents.md POST /domestic-vrp-consents/{ConsentId}/funds-confirmation Mandatory
domestic-vrps.md POST /domestic-vrps Conditional
domestic-vrps.md GET /domestic-vrps/{DomesticVRPId} Conditional
domestic-vrps.md GET /domestic-vrps/{DomesticVRPId}/payment-details Optional

# Notes

Definitions for Mandatory, Conditional and Optional are given in the Read/Write Data API Profile.

# VRP Resource Compatibility

New endpoints since v3.1.8.