# Where can I find the latest version of the Customer Experience Guidelines (CEG)?

Please see https://standards.openbanking.org.uk/customer-experience-guidelines/introduction/section-a/latest/

# Is it mandatory for ASPSPs to provide Confirmation of Funds access history under a specific CBPII?

ASPSPs must provide PSUs with the ability to request all the Confirmation of Funds (CoF) access history (i.e. all CoF requests and responses) under a specific CBPII. This must include the identity of the CBPII who made the request, and the response (Y/N) given.

While OBIE recommends the use of the Access Dashboard for provision of CoF Access History to the PSU, it is in the domain of each ASPSP to consider alternative options to meet their regulatory requirements for the provision of the COF access history.

# Can you provide guidance on how a balance transfer journey should look like?

Currently, this journey is not included in the CEG but it is anticipated that it would look similar to the single domestic payments supplementary information journey that is in the CEG where any additional information related to transfer rate etc can be displayed using the supplementary information screen by the ASPSP. This will ultimately be dependant on how/whether this is supported within the ASPSPs direct channel.