# Dynamic Client Registration

# Where can I find the latest version of the Dynamic Client Registration?

Please see DCR Repository

# What is Dynamic Client Registration?

Dynamic Client Registration (DCR) allows ASPSPs to register TPPs as OIDC clients without the need for a manual process. ASPSPs rely on the certificates and Software Statement Assertions (SSAs) submitted by the TPP.

# Is it mandatory for an ASPSP to implement all the operations (POST, PUT, GET, DELETE) specified in DCR?


# Does the DCR specification support ASPSPs who do not accept OBIE issued SSAs?

The DCR specification provides the extensibility to use an SSA from any trust anchor (not just the Open Banking Directory). However, the specification does not define these extension points. It is up to each ASPSP or Trust Anchor to define how other SSAs should be used in this case.

# Can an ASPSP register a TPP client using different parameters than specified?

Yes. The underlying standard that was used for the DCR specification permits this behaviour, without requiring the ASPSP to return an error. As a result, the OBIE profile continues to support this behaviour as well.

# How does a TPP identify the authentication methods, grant types and algorithms that an ASPSP supports?

The ASPSP's OpenID Connect discovery endpoint should provide all required parameters.